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Free Checkout Module Fix For Opencart 3.0.x

Free Checkout Module Fix For Opencart 3.0.x
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The free checkout module on the Opencart version 3.0.x has a minor issue.

When the order is placed, the order goes into missing orders. As it is an inbuilt bug.

This extension helps in solving the issue.

It also fixes the Free Checkout order status that always reverts to Canceled in the admin panel.

Free Checkout Module Fix For Opencart 3.0.x
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  • Model: FIx Free Checkout

✔ No OpenCart core files are overwritten
✔ Compatible with OpenCart 3.0.0.x / 3.0.1.x / 3.0.2.x / 3.0.3.x
✔ Compatible with OCMOD 

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