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Amazon POA


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Plan of action templates are completely FREE but We made it specially for our group members who support each others so if you want password then first join our telegram group then claim password also our telegram group is only for eCommerce sellers or for online business purposes & you can join it without any fee, it is FREE.

You have to follow our group policies, we don’t allow spamming, YouTube channels videos, another group links, abusive language, misbehave, disrespect of another members.  

Why have we created these policies?

Because this group is not designed for entertainment, it is a group of merchants, where the newcomer is either learning something or gets out of the group.

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Amazon Plan Of Action (POA): What To Include To Get Your Account Back

Don’t Send An Immediate Response By Clicking The “Appeal” Button.
Don’t Waste Their Time Offering Commentary About Amazon Processes
Do Give Amazon Account Investigators Facts, Not Generic Info You Found In Seller Forums
Don’t Blame Buyers. Protecting The Buyer Experience Is The Core Mission Of Seller Performance
Don’t Ignore The Basics Of POA-Writing, And Forget The Sob Stories
Do Remember To Keep It Short And Sweet.

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