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NOTE -  After purchase if you don't get any email regarding your order then please contact us on +91 8534096033, +91 8218400538 also you can contact us before purchase. 

International - Minimum order amount 4.50 $ is acceptable for International transaction.  

Sellers Policies

We give vendors the freedom to sell them accordingly. The seller can work with their conditions here.

We would expect that the vendors' behavior would be of honesty towards the buyer.

Sellers can apply their policies according to their own stores here, but they can not be arbitrary.

You can not apply a policy like No Return on here, here the buyer can rate your product and your store according to them experience. 

Sellers must have logistics service and sellers will have to ship self here, sellers will have to pay 5% commission on selling price for continue them store in mall. 

Sellers will get their payment on the Six day after the product delivery.

sellers have to use product image size maximum 1000 x 1000.

Sellers will have to fill account related details & minimum 10 different products upload in 10 days,  we will close inactive seller store after 10 days.